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Home-care, LLC Services

Dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home Care Services.

Providing You with Quality Home Care Services 


All About "U",Home Care LLC is a licensed home and community support services agency that provides quality care, family support and training in the privacy of the patient’s home. The ultimate goal is to encourage the highest quality of life possible and assist individuals to live as independent as possible.

All About "U" Home Care, LLC Services provides care that is personalized to fit the individual needs of our patients/clients, in coordination with your physician to insure there is a complete wrap around care being provided. We are dedicated to providing and meeting the special needs of each and every patients/clients in the comfort and security of their home environment. The central focus of this commitment is to strive and to demonstrate the highest quality of care and compassion to every individual we serve.


All About "U" Home Care, LLC  provides these home care services at each client's home:


Covid-19 Response

Due to Covid-19, we have provided our response to ensure the safety of our workers and clients:


  • Keeping Hands Clean

  • How Germs Spread

  • Key times to wash hands

  • Workspace Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • And many other options   

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Better Care Starts with You!


“Working for Mrs. Owens is life changing. She is very awesome


Sharon Lockett


“Dewanda Owens is very considerate, flexible and truly believes in celebrating those under her. She is the true example of a balanced leader, who leads by example. She encourages individuals to be the best them that they can be. Could not ask for a better boss.”

Natasha Nicole

“DeWanda Owens is a very professional and wise woman. She has a true heart for the people. She builds up people to push them into their full potential in life. She follows a life of order, true integrity  and with upstanding Character that follows.”


Deunie Faulkner


“Awesome Administrator and very family oriented workplace.”


Varieon Owens

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