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Meet The Owner......

DeWanda Owens

All About "U" Home Care is owned by DeWanda Owens. DeWanda has been a leader of the community and an advocate for those who deal with substance abuse, addiction, developmental disabilities, behavioral care, those in need of a marriage counseling and mentoring.  She has a heart for people and it is displayed in the services that we provide.

She has a spiritual calling which reflects in all that she does. She began her work in the social service field after accepting her spiritual calling in 2008. She became a certified substance abuse counselor and was a director of a facility. After leading the way in the substance abuse arena, in 2012 she transitioned into assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, the elderly who needed long term care, independent living assistance, provided social assistance to those who were enabled, while continuing to counsel those in need. She is experienced in leading and training counselors to becoming effective individuals who reflect not only the individual needs,  but the needs of the entire household. Although this is her profession, she always says this is her calling.

She understands that in order to be effective in the services that we provide, we must treat and assist the whole body. This includes a complete wraparound service, which is coordinated among the following; case management, in home care, medical care, nutritional care, physical care, and the care of the individual's social being.  She requires that staff get involved and provide services based on the treatment plan based on an individual's needs. 


All About "U" is not just a name, it is the way in which we provide care. It truly is All About "U" and we are here for "U".

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